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Automated Administration Capabilities

SupportGenie’s AI admin can automatically handle a vast majority of routine Salesforce administrative tasks.
By automating 70-75% of these tasks, the AI admin significantly reduces the need for human oversight.

Efficient Data Management and Reporting

SupportGenie’s automated ticketing system and comprehensive knowledge base enable efficient data handling, easy access to reports, and deep insights.

Training and Documentation

SupportGenie offers comprehensive training materials and documentation, empowering users to maximize their use of Salesforce.

Support for Complex Issues

With the live agent subscription, users get real-time access to Salesforce Admins and specialists for complex issue resolution, adding an extra layer of expert support

Seamless Integration

SupportGenie is designed to integrate smoothly with existing systems and processes. Its seamless integration capabilities ensure efficient data flow and compatibility.


Users have the option to use various messaging platforms, providing users with the flexibility to choose their preferred method of communication for receiving support.

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