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We understand the dynamic needs of modern businesses and end-users. 

SupportGenie for End Users

Empowering Every User with Advanced, Accessible Support

SupportGenie for End Users is specifically designed to provide immediate, comprehensive, and user-friendly support to your customers. Leveraging advanced AI technology, this solution ensures that users have constant access to efficient support tailored to their preferences. With its focus on user-centric design and proactive service, SupportGenie for End Users redefines the customer support experience, making it more engaging, seamless, and efficient.

Intuitive Chatbot

Our AI-powered chatbot offers instant support, understanding a wide range of user queries and providing accurate, helpful responses.


This feature ensures immediate assistance, significantly reducing wait times and elevating user satisfaction.

User-Centric Design

The entire interface and user experience are crafted with the end user in mind, ensuring ease of use, accessibility, and an enjoyable interaction.


Increases user engagement and satisfaction, as users find the system intuitive and pleasant to use.

Knowledge Base

A comprehensive, easily accessible knowledge base is integrated, providing users with detailed information and self-help resources.


Users can independently find answers to their queries, leading to a more empowered and informed user experience.

Automated Ticketing

An advanced system for automatically creating, categorizing, and managing support tickets.


Streamlines the support process, ensuring quick and organized response to user issues, and reducing the resolution time.

Subscription-Based Live Agent Access

Users can opt for various subscription tiers, granting them direct access to live support agents.


Offers personalized, human interaction for more complex support needs, enhancing the overall support experience.

Customizable Support

Users can personalize their support experience, selecting from various options to tailor the support journey to their specific needs.


This adaptability ensures the support system is relevant and effective for a diverse range of users.

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SupportGenie for IT Teams and Salesforce ISV Partners

Empowering Every User with Advanced, Accessible Support

SupportGenie for IT Teams and Companies is a comprehensive solution designed for both internal IT teams and IT service providers. This unified package leverages advanced AI technology to deliver seamless, efficient, and intelligent support. It’s crafted to address the varied challenges faced by IT professionals, enhancing both internal operations and customer-facing services, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of IT-related needs.

Knowledge Base

A comprehensive repository of information and solutions.
Enables quick access to information, enhancing team efficiency.

0 and 1st Line Support

Dedicated support for initial contact and basic problem-solving, as well as more in-depth technical support. Ensures comprehensive support coverage, from basic queries to complex technical issues.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Employs analytics for strategic and operational decision-making.
Fosters informed decisions based on accurate data insights.

Efficient Ticket Forwarding

Swiftly directs tickets to the right teams or individuals.
Enhances the support process and reduces time to resolution.

Customizable Workflows

Adaptable service workflows to fit specific business processes and needs.
Ensures flexibility and better alignment with organizational practices.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Extensive reporting capabilities for performance analysis and service improvement.
Delivers insights for ongoing enhancement of services.

Automated Ticket Handling

Streamlines ticket management from creation to resolution.
Boosts operational efficiency and response times.

AI-Powered Problem Analysis

Utilizes advanced AI algorithms for quick and accurate issue analysis.
Improves resolution speed and precision, leading to better issue management.

Real-Time System Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of systems to preemptively identify issues.
Prevents major disruptions and maintains system health.

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